“To be a benchmark organization in the critical/proactive analysis of the exercise of masculinities, developing forms of intervention that can help to develop a society based on equitable and egalitarian relationships.”



"We work from the perspective of gender, with an emphasis on masculinities, to drive processes of reflection, intervention, research, and advocacy in order to promote and strengthen – in partnership with other actors – equitable and egalitarian relationships that may contribute to social development."

  1. Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to establish intimate, fair, and equal bonds among the people participating in GENDES interventions.
  2. Increase knowledge – about GENDES, its contributions, and the issue of masculinity from a gender perspective – among decision makers and the general public.
  3. Achieve financial sustainability in order to ensure GENDES’ continued institutional performance.
  4. Strengthen and improve the institutional framework of GENDES in order to achieve effective and efficient operation.