If you’d like to support our mission at GENDES, there are three options:

You can make tax-deductible financial donations or donate resources such as stationery and furniture.

Your time, talents, and enthusiasm are also a valuable resource for our organization. You can participate in our work by volunteering from your office, home, or our offices.

If you are interested in exploring the civil society organizations as a career choice, you can do your social service or internship at GENDES, NPO.

We are looking for students in the fields of Communication Sciences, Psychology, and Social Work since their specialty areas have much in common with our mission: working from a gender perspective, with an emphasis on masculinities, to drive processes of reflection, intervention, research, and advocacy in order to promote and strengthen -- in partnership with other actors -- equitable and egalitarian relationships that may contribute to social development.

Thus, depending on your training, you can take part in different areas of our projects for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence.

Those interested should contact Vicente Mendoza, Coordinator of the Institutional Development Program, by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by phone (55 84 06 01).